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PRIME NASCAR DFS Article & Cheat Sheet for Sunday, September 17, 2017

Team Prime Nascar Cash Perspective

Today is a dumpster fire for contest selection. I'm running 3 $4 lus and that's it!!!! This will be the least amount I have played in 2 1/2 years. My lus usually focus on cash but today is not a cash game day.Part of building your bankroll is knowing when to play heavy or light along with contest selection. So I recommend using your money on NFL for a chance at a better return.

Kyle Busch has been talking major smack. Even though the pole sitter has never led more than 45 laps I can see Kyle breaking that mold. He should have some help from other Toyota drivers and Toyota has found something that no other manufacturer has, speed. Truex- is dominating every race. Simple, play him. Ryan Newman runs great here. The rest of my fill ins are Harvick (Gpp special) Kahyne,Elliot,Jones (favorite Gpp play) and Kyle Larson. Value- McDriver,Ragan and matty Dib. One last thing I forgot to mention, now that drivers are locked into the Chase we will have plenty of teams playing point strategies rather than all out get the W strategy. Another reason to focus on NFL.

Team Prime Nascar GPP Perspective

So i am going to attack it this way. I am only doing a 20 lineup script this week in the $4 and .25 max entry. 70% of my lines will have 2 drivers from Tier 1. 3-4 drivers from Tier 2. 1 driver from Tier 3 if i have to use one. 30% of my lines will have 3 drivers from Tier 1. 2-3 drivers from Tier 2 if i can make it fit. 1 driver from Tier 3 if i have to use one it will most likely be McDowell with Ragan as my 2nd choice. There are not alot of DNF'S here so the bad race teams dont typically move up here. That is why i will have as little as exposure as i can to them. One other interesting fact here is the pole sitter has never lead more than 45 laps here since they went to the gen 6 cars. GOOD LUCK!!!!!

Not a big fan of Left turns this week. I am going to break it down into 3 groups this week. THE 3RD I WOULD ONLY USE 1 DRIVER.

NASCAR Cheat Sheet with 1-5 star driver grades for today

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